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Tough times do not last, tough people do.
This is very appropriate to today’s time. The world is facing drastic effects of war like situation of covid 19 and definitely economic, social, political and legal reform are required to tackle corona virus crisis.
It has gripped China, Italy, Spain, France, UK, USA and now our country.As we see corona itself is a life threat, we should plan how society and life will be after lockdown which was previously till April 15 , then May 3, 2020 to protect 1.3 billion citizens. Most cases are coming from UP, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.  Deaths have been reported in Gujarat, Rajasthan and West Bengal. All schools , colleges, malls, gyms, swimming pools, cinema halls and restaurants remain closed. This reminds us of depression of world war that were experienced few years ago.
You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the beginning.
We should never think of past but only aim to improve future. This crisis has enlightened us that wealth is trivial and health is our main priority. It is more of a bioterrorist attack using biological warfare from a nation’s rumoured laboratory.
As our Honorable PM says, jaan bhi, jahan bhi.
 India under leadership of Modi ji is expected to have a bright future in regard of make in India, invest India programmes for aam admi.  India could become a huge manufacturing nation and may be alternative to low cost materials. It may take one to two years to stabilize but significant changes in bank and finance will need to be implemented. Our gdp frowth is said to reach 5.7 percent. Imf has also placed India in one of the highest positions for this year.sIt is being said that our country may take over from China in terms of global competitiveness index. Livelihood may be at stake and basic commodities food and house may be difficult to afford.
Preservation of what remains is very important than meticulous replacement of that which is lost.
Schemes like pradhan mantra jan dhan yojna, pradhan mantra kisan samman nidhi, pradhan mantra gareeb kalyan yojna, rice/wheat distribution, compensation of rs 50 lakh in casualty of healthcare professionals, direct cash transfers,  mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee act , tax rebates, liquidity lines to MSME, SIDBI and troubled asset relief programme are some measures to safeguard in this global health corona virus challenge. Our Finance minister  N Sitharaman ji is working on tax deferrel payment, npa reforms and income to people in unorganized sector. A relief package of rs 1.70 lakh crore is already announced to focus on daily wage and migrant labourers so that no one is hungry in this human tragedy.
Only in growth, reform and change, is true security to be found.
Also tourism, travel , hotels , petroleum, water, electricity, rubber are being affected. Some kind of economic stimulus package has to be provided. Loan terms could be revised, Gst rate cuts, digital infrastructure(mobile, adhar), mudra scheme relaunch  and measures in retail could support our economic state. Our falling economy, uncertain farmers, loss in industry and loss of business has to be dealt prudently. Aditya birla group and iphone companies have stopped the operation and are focusing on essential items only. In this respect RBI governor has taken steps to finance Nabard and nhb.
Nothing is impossible as it is I am possible
A pregnant lady developed corona testing kits in Pune . Such events truly inspire us in such difficult times. If government supports then pharmaceuticals can also be produced in good quantity and quality in India. Aviation industry needs to be seen and steps are to taken to allow nominal charge to face the present scenario.
Form, reform and perform will transform us
Stopped trains, flights, factories, buses, trucks in covid lockdown  makes a big hole in pocket of Indian economy. Also is made several poor people walking on foot to reach their homes and destinations. This will lead to job losses and recession.
Go big go bold
Has to be followed for the economic policy in this crucial coronavirus outbreak.In previous years also reforms have been made in economy and our country has overhauled fiscal policies to meet the losses.
Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
Women self help group from NRLM are constantly helping in making protective items as masks, hand sanitizers , facemasks and kitchen items. This is an endeavour to end poverty and starvation.
Recent controversy in form of a religious jamaat or social Islam has spread this highly contagious disease to many in early March. No social distance or hygiene was followed and this caused many persons to be infected rapidly by sheer contact. Because of this sillinesss many hospitals are now flooded with positive cases and healthcare is facing unnecessary strain. This has been extremely unacceptable and brutal. Definitely this subject should be considered and human health as well as human rights should be glorified.Our PM urges us for light and sound display to fight off the virus while these acts of foolishness just spill water to eradicate this deadly menace.
I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.
Public health bill 2017 has been proposed that deals with quarantining of suspected persons and infected persons isolation for public interests. It is apt today because in corona time person who avoid quarantine should be verified under this. Police can charge or take action against those who are negligent or malignant for spreading this communicable disease. National disaster management authority has drafted NDM Plan in 2019 to deal with a biological disaster and it is truly a blessing in disguise in times of corona emergency.
Sometimes a change in our life can bring us happiness.
Education is also affected as now cloud based Online classes, home schooling, google classroom have begun.
Work from home is now being done.  E commerce as uber, swiggy, zomato is being demanded in this pandemic.
Courts have now taken up urgent matters like bails, or petitions. Lawyers, staff and commoners need social distance and need urgent sanitization to meet this public , social health crisis. E filing of cases, using digital platform, online courts, telephone hearings and video conferencing is the call of the day in this chaos. Technology as on vidyo, skype, whatsapp and e courts are types of radical changes in this pandemic.
Also the people who are hitting, spitting, throwing stones or injuring police and doctors should be jailed. Also shoot at sight order should be passed. A strict action for vulgarity and violence against health workers should be made. They should be refused any medical care if they continue to violate the laws. This throws light on a police staff whose hand was cut off in Punjab by a miscreant while on duty. Such heinous crimes should be punished and the attacker should be publicly hanged in broad daylight.
It’s never too late –never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.
The doctors deserve better medical equipments and need to work in safety standards. Decent PPe (gloves, facemask, faceshield, footwear, n95 respirator, eyewear, gown)should be given so that they they can deal with the pandemic and treat patients well. Public healthcare is not adequate and Modicare or health insurance has to be implemented specially for poor persons. Public financing and health workforce needs to be expanded and revamped for the better.
The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.
This has affected persons from all walks of life and ICAR has provided specific guidelines for farmers to harvest, storing and also marketing of crops.RBI has addressed burden of debt servicing. Banks have allowed 3 percent discount on interest rate of crop loans to help the needy. Cash and food aid is given and people are urged to give generous funds for PM Cares to provide assistance and relief to citizens in emergency situations.
Also transport of PDS and distribution of commodities to population has to be done following all standard protocols. Protection from weather also needs to be done as it may devastate the crops.  Again cash transfer to poor farmers, start ups and delivery companies should be encouraged. Machinery should be facilitated by FPO or CHC and monetary burden needs to be decreased on the workers. also toll free helpline numbers should be provided.
Necessity is the mother of invention
Implementation of structural reforms like land leasing and contract farming needs to be done as climate change is impacting agricultural sector already. Agricultural policies have to be designed with focus on healthy food and nutrition.
We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise, we harden
Corona crisis will pass. It is upto us to change or reform and start all over again with zeal and passion.